Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Classes and Descriptions

Spin: 45-60-minute cycling class. Beginners through advanced cyclists are welcome. Boosts metabolism and burns calories. If you’re new to class, come a little early to speak with the instructor and to get help with your bike setup.

Circuit Training: 60-minute class. We use various stations and perform a wide range of cardio and strength work.

Body Sculpting: 45-60-minute high-repetition weight training class held out in the gym area.

Power Hour: 60-minute barbell program. Power hour will strengthen your major muscles with simple athletic moves such as squats, lunges, presses, and curls. This class is for all ages and fitness levels.

Zumba: 60-minute class. It’s an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-flow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party that’s moving millions of people toward joy and health.

Zumba Gold: 45-60-minute class. This is a Zumba fitness class for senior men and women.

Aqua Zumba: 60-minute class. It’s Zumba in the water! This Latin-inspired water fitness class is a great way to get moving while keeping the impact low.

Tabata: 45-60 minute class. This is the single most effective type of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This class includes eight circuits of Tabata intervals (four minutes each) including weights and cardio with abs at the end of each class.

Water II Aerobics: 45-60 minutes. This is our basic full body water aerobics class. This class targets strength more so than cardio water. Water weights and other equipment are used for this class.

Cardio Water: 60 minutes of advanced water aerobics. Higher-impact moves, such as plyometric movements are utilized. This class focuses more on speed and cardiovascular endurance than on strength.

Easy on the Joints: 60-minute class. This arthritis class is designed to stretch and move your joints.

Senior Swim: 60-minute class. This class focuses on fluid movements that lengthen the muscles and increase joint flexibility.

Silver Splash: 60-minute class. This class is designed for senior adults. We work on helping to increase flexibility and range of motion. We also work on muscle toning. This class is combined with music.

Pilates: 60-minute class. Beginner and advanced classes. Will improve your flexibility and strengthen your muscles. If you’re a beginner, please inform the instructor and she’ll be able to design your workout specifically for you.

Barre X-Treme: 60-minute class for beginners up to advanced exercisers. This is a blend of Pilates, yoga, and athletic conditioning, with some cardio movements. This is a low-impact class with a highly energetic setting.

Silver Sneakers: 60 minutes of light weight training and stretching for individuals approximately 62 and up.

Senior Fit: 60-minute class. This class is a movement and strength training class for seniors who want to stay active. This class typically meets in the main gym areas, not in the fitness classroom.

KidsFit: 45-minute class designed for children ages 4-12. We play relay games, bounce in the bounce-house, use small hand weights for exercising, and play games that will encourage team-building skills. We end in prayer and we often have a small bible lesson.