Taste of Heaven

Smoothie Bar

*****We use Whey protein and Almond Milk*****

Pre-Performance Shakes

Strawberry Surge4.50
A balanced blend of Carbs and Proteins to sustain a great workout. Strawberries, banana, vanilla protein.
Latte Launch4.50
A low calorie – high octane blend of rich Columbian coffee, 20g chocolate protein..

Performance Shakes

Banana Nut Blast6.00
One Big Banana blended with Natural Peanut Butter, Skim or Soy Milk, 40g Vanilla Protein, and our ‘Daily Essentials’
Java Jolt5.50
Dark roast Colombian Coffee, Vanilla Protien, a hint of rich Ghirardelli Chocolate, and our ‘Energizer’ formula.
Peanut Butter Cup6.00
Ghirardelli Chocolate and Natural Peanut Butter blended with 40g Choc. Protein, Organic Vanilla Soy Milk and our ‘Fiber Blend’.
Mo’ Mass5.75
Natural Peanut Butter blended in Skim Milk with Chocolate Weight Gainer, Oatmeal and Banana. A whopping 774 calories!
Body Builder5.75
Skim or Soy Milk blended with Banana, 4.4g Creatine, and 40g Vanilla or Chocolate Protein.
Chocolate Thinny Mint5.75
Organic Chocolate Soy Milk blended with Ghirardelli Chocolate, Pure Mint, 30g Chocolate Protein and our ‘Burn Fat Burn’ formula
Green Machine6.00
Crushed Pineapple, ripe Banana, 20g Vanilla Protein, and our very own ‘Veggie Meal for Real’.

Meal Replacement Shakes

Thrilla in Vanilla5.75
Organic Vanilla Soy Milk blended with 30g pure Vanilla Protein, 5g Fiber, Flax Seed Oil, Banana and real Vanilla Bean Extract.
Trail Mix5.75
Natural Almond Butter blended with Skim Milk, Granola, Banana, Raisins and 40g Vanilla Whey Protein.

Kid Shakes

Junior Chocolate Frosty3.50
Rich Ghirardelli Chocolate and Organic Vanilla Soy Milk blended with 20g Protein.
Strawberry Shortcake3.50
A nutrient dense blend of Strawberries, Banana and 10g Vanilla Protein, mixed to a smooth creamy perfection.
Cookie Monster3.50
Low-fat Oreo Cookies blended with Ghirardelli Chocolate, Organic Vanilla Soy Milk and 10g Chocolate Whey Protein.

Recovery Shakes

The Strawberry Classic4.50
Sun-drenched Strawberries, Strawberries and more Strawberries blended with ripe Banana.
Berries A’more4.50
Antioxidant-rich Raspberries, Strawberries, Blueberries, and Blackberries with Potassium-rich Banana.
Piña Colada4.50
A taste of the Islands. Mouth watering Pineapple, ripe Banana and fresh fallen Coconut.
Mango Tango4.50
Big juicy Mangoes crushed and blended in harmony with Banana, Strawberries and a hint of Hawaiiian Pineapple.
Peach Pearadise4.50
Tree ripened Georgia Peaches, golden Apricots and luscious Pears


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