Gym Amenities & Programs

What We Offer


Indoor Pool
Spa Jacuzzi
Male & Female Saunas
Under Water Treadmill
Indoor 50-yard Track
Walking Trails
State-of-the-Art Cardio


Certified Trainers
Swimming Lessons
Smoothie Bar
Healthy Lunch Bar
Child watch
Pool Birthday Parties

Fitness Classes

Water Aerobics
Dance Fitness
Christian Yoga
Kids Fit
Senior Fitness

Join Our Family

Sharing the love of Jesus while providing a world-class fitness experience.

Trinity Health and Fitness provides a safe, clean and family –oriented atmosphere for the best fitness experience possible. We have extensive knowledge in the fitness field, outstanding facilities, and provide excellent service for our clientele. We honor God in all we do through follow through of Christian values while caring for our clientele, community, and employees in specific and real ways.

*Each membership requires a $99 enrollment fee

We Currently Offering 20% OFF All Memberships and 50% OFF Enrollment

This includes students $34, singles $48, couples $71, and families $80 (husband, wife, and children under 18)


“Trinity Fitness truly accommodates my hectic lifestyle and has been an integral part of my weight loss. I have managed to lose more than 150 pounds over the last year and a half without surgery or fad dieting. It would not have been possible without all the benefits that Trinity Fitness provided.”
Christiane Cepeda

“The most important thing is the personal relationships you form from belonging to Trinity. They know your name and they smile. They are more than willing to help.”
Paul D Sargent