My account will be debited on the date of submission every month by Trinity Health & Fitness and will be debited each following month during the term of the contract. I understand that this authorization will remain in effect for at least 12 monthly drafts. I understand that in the event of a declined Credit Card draft, there will be a $30 fee, in accordance with state law 34-11-70, which also declares stopping payment or insufficient funds as a criminal offense.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Customer’s Right to Cancel:

You or your estate may cancel the contract at any time by written notice to the address above if one of the following circumstances occurs:

(1) Death of the contract holder.

(2) Substantial physical disability, certified by a physician, which makes it permanently impossible for you to use the facility’s services. A letter from your physician must be provided with documentation that you are physically unable to use any of our facility’s services. If enrolled on a couple or family membership, this does not excuse the responsible member from his or her dependent obligations.

(3) Your permanent relocation to a residence more than 50 miles distant from Trinity Health & Fitness. Valid proof of your new residence must be provided. (Utility Bill, New Driver’s License, Lease)

This is a 12 month contract. There are 3 options once the 12 months have been completed.

Options 1 & 2 require a 30-day cancellation notice.

1. Automatic 12-month extension of the current 12-month draft agreement for a total of two years. By agreeing to this option, monthly rates will not go up after the first 12 months and no re-enrollment fee or yearly maintenance fees will be required.

2. Opt in on an automatic month-to-month extension once my 12 monthly draft requirements have been met. By choosing this option, there will be no re-enrollment fee, and my yearly maintenance of $50 will be cut in half to $25

3. Automatically cancel my membership once my 12 monthly draft requirements have been met. By choosing this option, I will have to pay an enrollment fee to rejoin, and I will have to pay the full yearly maintenance fee of $50.


• All members must scan in before using the facility.

• Appropriate athletic shoes only. No street shoes, boots, or sandals are allowed in workout areas.

• Clothing allowed: shorts, sweat pants, T-shirts, tank-tops, and spandex clothing accessories deemed appropriate by management

• Clean workout clothing is required. Any unsatisfactory hygiene condition will be addressed by management and corrective action may be required.

• All other clothing and shoes must be kept in locker rooms. Please keep all valuables at home. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

• Please be courteous at all times.

• Water equipment is only available for use during water classes-No Exceptions!

• Rack all weights after each use. No lifting chalk allowed.

• Please do not slam or drop weights (see signs for penalties).

• Upbeat Christian music will be played over the sound system.

• If children are on the cardio equipment, please allow any waiting adults to use the equipment.

• Allow others to work in during your rest periods.

• Keep hands and feet away from all moving parts and weight stacks.

• Report any equipment problem immediately to the staff. Do not attempt to repair or adjust any equipment that has malfunctioned.

• Profanity or derogatory remarks involving any other member or club personnel will not be permitted

• If you have perspired heavily during a cardio workout or weight lifting session, please use gym wipes and wipe down machines or weights before continuing in another area.

• All pool rules and regulations must be followed.

• One set of towels per member per visit; towels must be checked out and back in at the front desk.

• All minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Consequences for Violation of Policies:
1st Verbal Warning
2nd Vacate Premises
3rd Termination of Membership